Celebrating a Year of Impact: WorldCC Foundation’s 2023 Annual Report

It is with great pride and a sense of accomplishment that I present to you the WorldCC Foundation’s Annual Report for 2023. As the CEO of this remarkable organization, I am thrilled to share the strides we’ve made and the impact we continue to have on the global stage.

A Vision for a Better World

At the core of the WorldCC Foundation lies a simple yet transformative belief: better contracts lead to better business and ultimately, a better society. Our vision is bold – to create a world where all trading relationships are fair, transparent, accessible, and inclusive, delivering social and economic benefits for everyone.

Reflecting on Our Journey

The establishment of the WorldCC Foundation in late 2022, as a subsidiary of our Association, World Commerce & Contracting, marked a significant milestone. It was born from a desire to extend our reach beyond our membership, aiming to make a tangible difference across societies, especially in developing regions. Our purpose is clear: to equip individuals and organizations with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge to form and manage trading relationships that deliver long-term social value and economic benefit.

2023: A Year of Achievements

This past year has been one of significant achievements and collaborations. We have accelerated the creation and promotion of global contracting standards, providing public access to essential tools, education, and cross-functional networks. Initiatives like World Sustainable Contracting Day and the Contract Design Pattern Library have proven instrumental in raising awareness and driving practical change.

Our Audacious Goals

Looking ahead, we have set six ambitious goals to be achieved by 2030:

  1. Reach and support 1 million individuals with free resources and educational materials.
  2. Engage 500,000 users annually through webinars, workshops, and online forums.
  3. Provide 1 million hours of free training and educational content.
  4. Establish 25 global support hubs to offer localized assistance and resources.
  5. Support 25,000 small and micro businesses in achieving greater economic empowerment.
  6. Achieve a minimum approval rating of 4.5 for our free access models and guides.

Key Programs and Initiatives

Throughout 2023, our programs have continued to grow and evolve:

  • World Sustainable Contracting Day (WSCD): This initiative has become a global platform for sharing knowledge and best practices in sustainable contracting. Participation and engagement have soared, with 98% of respondents now believing in the significant impact contract professionals can have on sustainability.
  • Academic Symposium: Partnering with prestigious universities, our symposiums have become a melting pot for ideas, fostering collaboration between academia and industry to drive the evolution of contracting practices.
  • Inspiring Women Program: Now in its fourth year, this vibrant initiative celebrates the remarkable achievements of women in commerce and contracting. It provides a platform for these leaders to share their experiences and inspire future generations.
  • Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): Our free, three-week course on contract management continues to democratize knowledge, reaching over 100,000 enrolments to date.
  • Contract Design Pattern Library: This comprehensive collection of contract templates and best practices empowers users to create effective, clear, and fair agreements.

Our Path Forward

As we reflect on our progress, I am filled with optimism for the future. The WorldCC Foundation is unique in its ability to bring together diverse stakeholders, fostering collaboration and innovation across traditional divides. None of this would be possible without the backing of numerous partners, our ‘Agents of Change’, who collaborate in roundtables and discussions, and use their influence to help us make strides towards a better contracting future. Together, we can build a world where trading relationships advance the well-being of communities and the environment.

I am deeply passionate about our Foundation’s mission and the profound impact we can make on society, especially through our plans in 2024 to launch our Empower platform, ensuring greater access to our free learning offerings such as our Commercial Awareness online program, and our Sustainability Clause Library, which supports the integration of ESG principles into the core of commercial contracts.

I invite you to explore our Annual Report and join us on this transformative journey. Thank you for your unwavering support and belief in our vision.

With gratitude and best wishes,

Sally Guyer President and CEO WorldCC Foundation

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About the author

Sally Guyer

As CEO, Sally supports both the World Commerce & Contracting, and WorldCC Foundation global teams in the pursuit of both the recognition of and excellence in Commercial and Contract Management. She is an experienced and accomplished commercial and contracts management professional, holding senior commercial positions at a range of corporate and multi-national organizations. After gaining an Honors degree in Law, Sally spent her time in the house in the corporate sector, where she worked globally in the Telecomms and IT industries, before establishing her own legal and commercial consultancy in 2007. Sally is passionate about enabling business efficiency and growth through contracting and commercial excellence; she understands the need for robust business operations to drive these efficiencies, together with the requirement for effective communication and collaboration at all times. Whether in contract development, negotiation, training or general communications, Sally has built a reputation for service excellence and responsiveness. Her focus is on the creation of positive and successful business relationships, constantly striving to ensure that businesses realize their true potential and value.