Embrace the Future of AI-Powered Contracting: Join WorldCC's AI Contracting Week!

The world of commerce and contracting is on the cusp of a revolutionary transformation, driven by the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at every stage of the contracting lifecycle. Get ready to be part of an extraordinary event – WorldCC's AI Contracting Week – where thought leaders, experts, and professionals will come together to explore the immense potential of AI in reshaping the way contracts are formed, managed, and negotiated. Read on for an overview of the agenda, you won't want to miss out on!

Day One: Charting the Course for AI-Powered Contracting

The excitement kicks off with a warm welcome from Tim Cummins, President of World Commerce & Contracting, and Sally Guyer, our Global CEO. Against the backdrop of a world increasingly intertwined with AI, they will underscore the importance of overcoming obstacles hindering the widespread adoption of AI-powered contracting. Prepare to be inspired as they shed light on the transformative potential of AI and rally us to embrace this new era.

An enlightening thought leadership panel will delve into the strategies for overcoming barriers to AI adoption. Join Bernadette Bulacan, Chief Evangelist at Icertis; John Veilleux, Associate General Counsel at Verizon; and Todd Tabor, Senior Director and Managing Counsel at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, as they engage in a vibrant dialogue  dispelling myths, tackling challenges, and devising effective approaches to AI integration into contracting processes. They'll discuss the importance of crafting a tailored adoption strategy and gain insights into the rewards and potential risks associated with AI incorporation.

Day Two: Demystifying AI and its Real-World Applications

The second day is all about "Myth Busting AI,". Tim Cummins and Sally Guyer will reiterate the game-changing potential of AI while addressing concerns around embracing change. During this session, our thought leadership panel will tackle head-on the misconceptions and hesitations tied to AI adoption. Esteemed experts like Ilona Logvinova, Associate General Counsel at McKinsey & Company, and Mark Beer, Co-Founder of Seven Pillars Law, will lead a captivating discussion on ethics, accountability, and finding the right balance between AI's benefits and potential pitfalls.

Don't miss the "Speed Tech Demo" segment, where the spotlight will be on the latest AI technologies. Top names from the realms of business and technology, including Craig Conte from Deloitte Legal and Michael Gormley from CobbleStone, will unveil cutting-edge solutions designed to streamline operations and elevate business value.

Day Three: Mastering the AI Frontier

Day three's theme, "Augment your skills" underscores the importance of skill enhancement in an AI-driven world. Engage in interactive workshops tailored to equip professionals with the competencies needed to thrive. Discover the art of ChatGPT prompting in a workshop led by Kingsley Martin, Founder of KMStandards, and immerse yourself in a hands-on workshop led by David Tollen, Founder of Tech Contracts Academy, where you'll delve into the realm of AI tools for drafting and negotiating contracts.

You will also join the thought leadership panel "Navigating the Abyss." Guided by Sally Guyer, this panel brings together a key group of experts who will delve into fears, ethics, and the promising future of AI in contracting. Gain invaluable insights from Christina Demetriades, General Counsel - Europe at Accenture, and Alex Hamilton, CEO of Radiant Law, as they explore biased decision-making, AI-powered misinformation, and the profound impact of AI on reshaping contracting dynamics.

Day Four: Your Journey into the AI-Powered Future

The final day is packed with workshops, including a session on negotiating with AI, led by negotiation expert Keld Jensen. Uncover how AI can elevate negotiation processes and provide you with a strategic advantage in the evolving landscape.

We'll finish the week or insight and learning with closing remarks from Tim Cummins and Sally Guyer. They will reinforce the significance of embracing AI and offer guidance on preparing for an exciting AI-powered contracting future.

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WorldCC's AI Contracting Week promises an unparalleled exploration of AI's transformative potential within the realm of commerce and contracting. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, hands-on workshops, and profound insights from esteemed experts, all aimed at unveiling the rewards, challenges, and ethical dimensions of AI integration. As the event draws to a close, you will be equipped with a roadmap to navigate the evolving landscape, armed with a renewed commitment to usher in an era of AI-infused contracting. The guidance of AI promises to reshape industries, elevate professionals, and lead us into a future characterized by streamlined processes, enhanced accuracy, and unprecedented innovation.

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