Celebrating Excellence: Welcoming the 2023 Intake of WorldCC Fellows

WorldCC’s Fellow status is a pinnacle of recognition within commercial and contract management global community, a distinction reserved for individuals who have left a mark on the field. It embodies excellence, dedication, and exceptional contributions.

As we usher in the 2023 Mid-Year intake of Fellows, let's explore why being a Fellow is such a remarkable achievement and why it holds a special place within the WorldCC community.

The Epitome of Excellence

"The WorldCC Fellow status is the highest accolade we offer our members. It's an opportunity for you to be recognized by your industry and peers for your outstanding experience, professionalism, and dedication," says Sally Guyer, the CEO of WorldCC.

“It signifies that the recipient has not only excelled in their professional journey but has also dedicated their efforts to the advancement of commercial and contract management. Their impact extends beyond their immediate roles, positively influencing the industry as a whole. This recognition also acknowledges their personal support of WorldCC and its vision and mission, of enhancing the quality and integrity of trading relationships around the world."

Why Being a Fellow Matters

Being a Fellow at WorldCC goes beyond a title. It comes with a set of responsibilities and privileges that reflect the trust and high esteem placed upon the recipients. These include:

  • Networking and Collaboration. Fellows become part of an exclusive community of like-minded professionals who share a commitment to advancing the discipline of commercial and contract management. This network provides opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mentorship.

  • Influence and Impact. Fellows have a platform to amplify their voices and ideas, contributing to the continuous improvement of the industry. Their insights and expertise shape the direction of WorldCC and help drive positive change within the field.

  • Learning and Growth. Being a Fellow means being at the forefront of industry trends and best practices. Fellows help us to continue developing cutting-edge resources, research, and educational opportunities that empower them, and all our members, to stay ahead in their careers.

  • Giving Back. Fellow status is not just about receiving accolades; it's about giving back to the profession and the community. Fellows are encouraged to support other WorldCC members, so that we can all benefit from their knowledge and experience.

"We value our community of Fellows so much because they embody the spirit of progress and collaboration,” adds Sally. “They are the driving force behind the positive changes we see in the commercial and contract management landscape. Their dedication and expertise are invaluable."

Find out more about our Fellowship program here.

Welcome to our 2023 Fellows:


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